Our Product

The Evolv Workforce Optimization Cloud

Evolv’s cloud computing system is redefining workforce optimization. Grounded in science and driven by predictive analytics, Evolv’s integrated applications help companies make better operational business decisions, optimize workforce performance, and achieve millions of dollars of additional ROI from their workforces.


Evolv Selection

Evolv Selection is a cloud-based assessment and predictive hiring application that continuously improves its ability to predict job applicant success across a variety of job types. Using Evolv’s proprietary mix of workforce science, predictive analytics, and machine learning, Evolv Selection ensures that your recruiters are prioritizing the right candidates to interview and hire.


Realistic Job Preview: Aligns applicant expectations with the real day-to-day responsibilities of the job to ensure they are willing to perform the job responsibilities.

Assessments: Access best-of-breed workforce science surveys, proven effective across large populations of applicants to identify top talent across a wide variety of job types.

Applicant Viewer: Easily find the highest rated applicants or groups of applicants through straightforward visual scoring.

Interview Guides: Ensure that candidates have the ability to succeed in the job by using Evolv’s interview guide to ask the right questions and assess the candidate based on the role’s key competencies.

Standard Reports: Understand how applicants are navigating the assessment process and how hiring quality is trending across locations and lines of business.

Integration with major industry Applicant Tracking Systems: Evolv Selection works seamlessly with leading applicant tracking systems, including Oracle Taleo Enterprise, SuccessFactors Recruiting Module, Lumesse TalentLink, and Ultimate UltiPro.

Evolv Insights

Evolv Insights is a cloud-based predictive analytics application that provides powerful big data insights to improve the performance of the workforce. Data without analysis is not valuable. It is challenging to access and analyze workforce data and combine it with operational performance data to predict and enable you to drive future business outcomes. Evolv simplifies the process and provides clear, actionable capabilities to improve the workforce with Evolv Insights while minimizing the need for sophisticated expertise.


Insight tracking dashboard: A simple user interface allows you to browse and see all of the big data predictive insights—prioritized by financial impact—available at your company that are driving achievement against key metrics.

Business simulation: These powerful tools enable your company to run its own big data “what if” analyses and publish findings to operationalize results.

Progress tracking: Create and assign action items and responsibility, send notifications of assignments, track and monitor progress against those actions to ensure you are taking full advantage of opportunities identified in your insights.

KPI Dashboards: Create reports and predictive data visualizations. Drill down and predict key metrics like customer satisfaction and attrition at the location, group, manager and individual levels to allow line managers to apply predictive insights in day to day operations.

Workforce Diagnostic

Evolv’s Workforce Diagnostic uses big data technology and predictive analytics to deliver fact-based insights that drive direct, operational return on investment tailored to your needs. The Workforce Diagnostic enables companies to quickly identify the pain points that are dragging down productivity and profit—and determine how to measurably improve them.


Workforce Diagnostics Report: A written report and executive presentation that provide a one time snapshot of workforce findings, drivers, and potential savings or opportunities.

Flexibility: Choose an analysis of the factors that concern your company most–attrition, efficiency, customer satisfaction, attendance, schedule adherence, and sales conversion—and uncover what is really driving those metrics.

System-wide Insights: The workforce diagnostic is system agnostic and functions as a bridge between siloed human capital management, applicant tracking, and customer relationship management systems.

Our Technology

Evolv collects and integrates data from many sources then uses its cloud-based system to perform large-scale analysis on the data and to provide business-changing predictive insights into the selection of job applicants and the optimal way to manage your most precious resource: your employees. Evolv makes its predictions based on three central technologies:


Big Data Infrastructure

Evolv has built its predictive analytics and machine learning engine on top of the industry-standard Hadoop, HBase, and Hive Big Data technologies.


Predictive Analytics

Evolv’s team of econometricians and mathematicians apply sophisticated predictive models to our large sets of data to separate the signal from the noise, identify patterns, and uncover the true drivers of workforce performance.


Workforce Science

Evolv’s industry-leading workforce science allows Evolv to survey applicants and employees and measure the traits that are key to on-the-job performance.